I’m Todd Clarke.

In helping teams build software systems, I developed skills to create concise, expressive and visually-oriented content.

I now use these skills to create visual summaries for the great stuff others write, say and show… often about Lean, Kanban, business and other productivity hacks.

Summarizing everything. An affliction.


People forget

what they read, see, hear, experience.

Useful info becomes lost

in this age of excess everything… everywhere.

I create visual-one-page summaries

to help people learn and remember the high-points.

Everybody has a story

Let me help you tell yours. Concisely. Clearly. Visually.

Hire me to summarize:

Your book, speech, presentation, meeting, whatever…to help your readers, listeners and attendees… remember more of what you write, say and show.

See… my work | my process | why consider a VOP

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Matthew E. May: Winning the Brain Game

“Todd delivered on all expectations using a collaborative and interactive approach that produced a awesome outcome.”

Matthew E. May

Brian Kerr: Koné Consulting

“I cannot emphasize enough how closely Todd listened for comments and feedback, and how quickly he incorporated those into the work.”

Brian Kerr

Kevin L. Meyer: The Simple Leader

“Todd engaged me with his process to create a textual/notes version to identify the most important content which he then turned into a visual-one-pager.”

Kevin L. Meyer

Mark Graban: Lean Hospitals

“Todd employed a simple, collaborative and iterative approach, respecting my input and pushing back appropriately based on his experience.”

Mark Graban

Thomas Watson: AMI

“Todd helped us get laser-clear, simply-stated, on how we help our community with our company product and services."

Tom Watson

John Rossman: The Amazon Way

“Todd is a unique combination of astute
technology leader, collaborator and visual artist.”

John Rossman

Karen Martin: Value Stream Mapping

“Todd is one of the most creative people I’ve met. His gift for distilling an author’s work into visual ”soundbites“ that help absorb, integrate, and retain content is unparalleled”

Karen Martin

Larry Cooper: The Adaptive Framework

“Todd asked the right questions to distill the main ideas to their core. Thus, I re-worded major parts of my content to more accurately represent my original intent.”

Larry Cooper

aboutThe world needs more visuals,
less info, to help people remember more.

What story can
I help you tell?

todd clarke

skype: toddclarke
Seattle, WA

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