447 words in ten minutes. Barf out your next writing piece today.


Write out a barf post.

Got wwriters block so what… just write and consider just writing whatver comes to mind without worrying about sentence structure, spelling…just write for 10 or 15 minutes because it’s all about writing…getting ideas in your head onu onto paper… resisting doing any editing because that comes later fool. Getting ideas out is their most raw form is the only thing that matters when barfing or vomiting out your first set of ideas… because editing can only get in the way and make you thihk to much instead of being creative. Yeah, that’s it…editing slows you down and and stalls the creative process… because aesthetics and colors and wordwmithing and other left-brain things get in your way on barfoing out your ideas. Raw, pucky, technocolor bardf is the way to write early. so what else is coming into mi midn… oh … I think it ‘s hard for many to just write this way because it forces them to keep motoring on.. Too, I have used this profess to share with others when collaborating on a piece and some of the others have said… “well, I can;t get to that until a week opr wtwo weeks from now”. I say “bull shit” because you get get lottsa shit done if you sit and write like this for 15 minutes… and do it tomorrow… and share it with the rest of us to inspire us how we can all write something useful TODAY, or tomorrow, at the latest. We’ll edit it in the cpouple of passes to make it presentable. I think many others are too vain to share a vomit piece as the start because they ight look stupid. “So-the-f^&%-what.” It’s a great way to write right now. I think I have just decided to share this post as is to show my followers on linkedin how one can look silly but hey hte joke’s on you… if you;re the one waiting weeks to write that post, whitepaper, web page, resume, feature requirements, project idea’r, linkedin recommendation, proposal, moview review, flame letter to some company or just a journaled thoughts for the day. Hmmm…wonder if I’ll have the guts to post this tonight on Linked In. Guess well see. If nothing else, write shit today vs something perfect tomorrow… becuase it will never be veery good the first tme so just quit trying. Write once… edit 5 or 6 or 7 times to get it where you want… but than..that too could be too late… because maybe you’ll just say… “ah f*&^-it…let’s just forget the hole thing'”.

Out. Purge. Feel good.



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