5 Essentials Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

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Here’s a visual summary of a useful post by Robert Herjavec for selling anything to anyone. When I started reading this post, I thought, “hmmm, how simple. Maybe too simple.”


Hell, I’m building a business helping people explain their business, products and services with get-level clarity. There’s too much jargon, fluff and end-a-rounds out there in the web-o-sphere… people and businesses wanting to sound all-intellectual-like.

Glad I caught myself on second thoughts, to appreciate the simplicity of Robert’s tips on selling:

– Be the salesperson you’d buy from
– Listen more, talk less (guilty as charged)
– Be more other-ly focused
– Nobody cares about what you (and I) do
– Sound smart by keeping it gut-level simple
– Consider more carefully their experience when ‘selling’

If you need more simplicity-ammo, see a previous rant of mine about one’s writing attitude.

Meanwhile, we all have something to sell. Practice on your kids to get them to eat those damn veggies on their plate.

Please, do let me know how that one goes for you.

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Welcome to my attitude. And why it should be yours, too.

Two writing peeves

1) Blah blah blah

I’m amazed how often the stuff we read is too verbose, complex, jargon-y, mundane, disorganized, meandering, irrelevant and textual-only. This makes things difficult to understand. People stop reading and move on to click elsewhere.

Statistically speaking… this probably applies to your stuff.

I’m just sayin’.

2) More blah blah blah

Regarding web content, consider this blurb on a typical consulting site:

“Our Project Managers are expert communicators who provide end to end service for project based and program based support. You can expect our team to always bring clarity and order to your work, while driving the results you need with a right-sized amount of rigor vs. agility.”

Do people talk like that?

Of course not. Yet people and businesses write like this all across the web. Many of (the collective) you sound the same, yet state very little. This is a great way to be seen as a commodity.

Also, businesses write too much about what they do. No-one cares. People do care about the value they can can get from what you do. It’s about them, not you, silly.

Why is this a problem?

  • If people don’t understand you immediately, they’ll leave without knowing how you can help them.
  • If you sound like everyone else, they’ll not differentiate you from the others.
  • If you create a dull experience, they’ll leave without a strong impression of your business, product or service.
  • If you don’t explain how you can solve their problem, they’ll find someone else who can.
  • In other words, you’ll make less money by losing more sales.

I know you didn’t intend for any of that to happen.

Consider this

Ask yourself the following questions for the stuff you write next time:

  • What expensive problem can you solve for your prospects?
  • What specific purpose do you want to achieve with your content?
  • What intended action do you want your reader to do next?
  • What experience do you want to create for your readers?
  • Does your opening line pass the ‘so what’ test?

There’s a better way to sound, state and speak to your leads, prospects and clients. The world is becoming more PC and homogenous in many ways. This makes life mundane and dull. But you got soul. If nothing else™, make your soul jump off the page by stating things clearly, simply and, please… in plain English.

Don’t let the SEO ‘experts’ take over the web.  Good, clear writing is good business.

You have a voice.

Help yourself sound like YOU.

Clear over clever. Replace fluff with stuff. Sound like a human.

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How To Improve Your Writing: 7 Easy Expert Secrets

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How’s your writing these days?

Actually, I’m amazed how poor it is (statistically speaking).

Consider these reflective questions as you write your next piece:

  • Why should anyone care about what you have to say?
  • Got a beginning, middle and end for your dirty little joke?
  • You writing a certain number of words per day?
  • Are you reading a shitload to observe and cop other writer’s styles?
  • Are you helping the reader notice what you notice?
  • Is there a hero in your little piece?
  • You doing the lather, rinse and repeat thingie with your writing?

I created this little visual cheat-sheet based on another great post from @bakadesuyo on How To Improve Your Writing.

I hope you enjoy the visual. I’ll keep it nearby as helpful reminders to improve my writing.

Related, the timing was interesting, too- I wrote and published my new one-page site at toddaclarke.com, about a couple writing peeves of mine. And with some tips.

It’s edgy.

Would you expect anything else?

“Write on.” That’s a pun.

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$2 A Day, Living on Almost Nothing in America

No way… people in America living on $2 dollars a day? Millions.

That’s the premise of my latest visual-one-page book summary, $2 A Day, Living on Almost Nothing in America. This Forbes article states that’s just not possible, the numbers being used are misleading. True or not, it is staggering how many people in America are living far below the poverty line.

I started creating visual-one-pagers (VOPs) to summarize business books, to help myself and others learn and remember the high-points. This started as a hobby, then made it my business late last year.

I’ve enjoyed creating some recent VOPs on topics outside of business, like this one on an important social issue. This one too, on Scarcity.

As always, check out the visual to get the big picture, then buy and read the book for the details.

Oh, btw… sorry for not having posted in a couple weeks. I’ve been busy with a some new projects, including my new site and biz at Todd’s Got A Pen. It’ll be online in a week or two. Meanwhile, I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule.

Ciao for now.

download pdf  |  buy the book

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developing a more flexible mind

There is-a-lot-of-chaos-out-there… wouldn’t you agree? Dumb question. My bad.

The (not-so) smartphone, the work emails, the tweet-mails, facebook notifications, e-subscriptions, work meetings, PTA meetings, the kids-in-trouble(again) meetings, the dang-blasted new iOS update with gobs more notifications and screens… holy-shit there’s a whole-helluva-lot-to-do-and-manage in life.

That’s why I enjoy reading posts at zenhabits.net. To:

  • Breathe
  • Slow-the-mo-down
  • Enjoy more of each day
  • Shred the “shoulds”
  • Be OK with yourself more
  • Be more present with your peeps

So then… another post by Leo Babauta, another visual summary by moi.

This time, for Developing a More Flexible Mind in these times of constant distractions.

Hang loose, baby.




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447 words in ten minutes. Barf out your next writing piece today.


Write out a barf post.

Got wwriters block so what… just write and consider just writing whatver comes to mind without worrying about sentence structure, spelling…just write for 10 or 15 minutes because it’s all about writing…getting ideas in your head onu onto paper… resisting doing any editing because that comes later fool. Getting ideas out is their most raw form is the only thing that matters when barfing or vomiting out your first set of ideas… because editing can only get in the way and make you thihk to much instead of being creative. Yeah, that’s it…editing slows you down and and stalls the creative process… because aesthetics and colors and wordwmithing and other left-brain things get in your way on barfoing out your ideas. Raw, pucky, technocolor bardf is the way to write early. so what else is coming into mi midn… oh … I think it ‘s hard for many to just write this way because it forces them to keep motoring on.. Too, I have used this profess to share with others when collaborating on a piece and some of the others have said… “well, I can;t get to that until a week opr wtwo weeks from now”. I say “bull shit” because you get get lottsa shit done if you sit and write like this for 15 minutes… and do it tomorrow… and share it with the rest of us to inspire us how we can all write something useful TODAY, or tomorrow, at the latest. We’ll edit it in the cpouple of passes to make it presentable. I think many others are too vain to share a vomit piece as the start because they ight look stupid. “So-the-f^&%-what.” It’s a great way to write right now. I think I have just decided to share this post as is to show my followers on linkedin how one can look silly but hey hte joke’s on you… if you;re the one waiting weeks to write that post, whitepaper, web page, resume, feature requirements, project idea’r, linkedin recommendation, proposal, moview review, flame letter to some company or just a journaled thoughts for the day. Hmmm…wonder if I’ll have the guts to post this tonight on Linked In. Guess well see. If nothing else, write shit today vs something perfect tomorrow… becuase it will never be veery good the first tme so just quit trying. Write once… edit 5 or 6 or 7 times to get it where you want… but than..that too could be too late… because maybe you’ll just say… “ah f*&^-it…let’s just forget the hole thing'”.

Out. Purge. Feel good.


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how to be productive without being miserable

“Ah, man… not another web post on how-the-hell to be personally productive. They’re a dime-a-dozen and most of them have a giant overlap of suggestions.”

You done with your little self-whine-rant?

  • Start your day with the right mood-tude
  • Bring a challenge to noodle on in the shower
  • Write shit down to silence your inner voice
  • Bring the Michael Jackson out in all of us
  • Go all Genghis Khan on your task list
  • Make your ‘I-did-its’ explicit and visible
  • Console yourself as you would a friend
  • Befriend a body-double to improve your focus

There… does that sound like the usual-productivity-suspects? Didn’t think so.

I hope you enjoy the visual summary of Eric Barker’s tips, based on research, as well as, his full post here.

Guess I sound a bit cranky and will do better tomorrow morning… when I eat some chocolate-chip pancakes to start me off right.

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remote: office not required

Sure, I’m big into Lean and Agile… but seem to be the rebel in my ideas about performing work remotely, when debating this topic with peers.

“People work best, together, in open spaces for serendipitous and pertinent discussions to occur”, say the many. Of course, there are pros and cons to colocated and remote work.


  • Why be limited to hiring people based on geography?
  • Why not allow people to work on a more flexible schedule?
  • Why satisfy a manager for butt-in-the-chair hours over value delivered?
  • Why be trusted at all if you cannot be trusted remotely?
  • Why commute in traffic?
  • Why be so distracted in our distraction-factories (offices)?

The technology is now ubiquitous for us to achieve more in our personal work setting of choice. Seems silly to ignore. Too, for you workers in the big companies, how often do you see people attending meetings, while remaining in their offices down the hall from the conference room? Plenty.

I’m a big believer of:

  • Show and share work often
  • Leave a paper trail, showing progress
  • Complete the most important work first
  • …to ensure I am completing versus just doing work

I created this visual-one-page book summary a few years back for Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I happened to look at it tonight… and it became this post.

People are flocking from their offices. Are you?

Consider this post a little e-nudge.

download pdf  |  buy the book

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Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio

Most of my posts are aimed at business and personal life-hacks. So what-up with this visual post about creating a killer portfolio?

Maybe I’m just being totally selfish… because I enjoyed this article by Matt McCue on tips for creating an eye-catching portfolio… which I could better apply for my visual summaries here on visualonepagers.com.

Too, my thinking is… if this can work for me… it can work for the designer-in-all-of-us.

Have a visual day 👓.

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the easy ritual that will make you happy

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Hugs, kisses and massages, oh my.

Are you addicted to your phone? Ah, actually, I already know the answer. But reaching for it 85 times a day? Surely, you (and I) have time to reach for a few hugs or kisses instead… right?

Read yet another piece by @bakadesuyo to learn the power of touch and how it can:

  • Improve relationships
  • Win you games
  • Live longer

Really? As always, backed-up with science.

Too, view the visual summary to remember the high points.

Meanwhile… let me e-kiss you, spack-dab-on-your-e-lips! 💋  Muuuaa!

Now go find someone to hug, kiss or touch today. You can still reach for your phone the other 80 times.

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