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$2 A Day: Living On Almost Nothing in America

People acting in desperation, doing objectionable things. Might you do such if you lived on $2 a day?

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scarcity: why having too little means so much

"Juggle", "tunnel" and "borrow". Just a few of the buckets related to "Scarcity... effecting our behaviors, choices and minds. Wow.

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the simple leader

Zen + Lean = Peanut butter cups. Or... Ohm - Waste = Yum.

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winning the brain game

Is business broken? Yup. Are we (the people) flawed? Of course. See how to fix it and us.

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value stream mapping

Gotta see the  w h o l e  to optimize the  w h o l e. That sounds kinda odd. Good.

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you already know how to be great

Improving performance isn't about knowing what to do... it's about doing what you already know. Silly you.

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the laws of subtraction

Get out of your way. Please and thank you.

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lean hospitals

Some myths and myth-busters about Lean. Thanks, @MarkGraban, just what we need.

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the goal

True or false... common sense is not so common?

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how the best get better

"An evolving lifetime focusing system of concepts and strategies to become your very best." Whew, that's a mouthful.

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personal kanban

Can you s e e what you're doing? No? Problem.

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the amazon way

"We will not be like them", as Bezo's points out the window towards Redmond. Harsh.

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this is lean

Visualize flow. We'll all benefit.

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Working remotely? Then, show your progress often, because it's about that, over hours of butt in a chair.

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succeeding with agile governance

You may be 'doing agile'...but are others around you? Think cadence across teams.

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toyota kata

Wax on. Wax off. Karate Kid for the office worker.

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Make work visible. Otherwise, when it's all said and done... it's mostly just said.

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succeeding with agile teams

Never knew what holacracy was. Now I have an idea. Thumbs up.

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impact mapping

See, discover and talk about the same things together.

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the secrets of consulting

Hmmmm...only give advice when asked? I'm gonna have to work on this one.

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show your work

A new way of being for the creatives of today.

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anything you want

Be the real you. No competition that way.

steal like an artist

Figure out what's worth stealing... then steal it. Woa.

it's not about the coffee

If not you then who? If not now then when?


manage your day to day

I love business, just not the way most do it. I do like what this book has to say about it.

maximize your potential

Slow and steady progress. Improve you. Don't go it alone. Brave through it to make your ideas happen.

the five dysfunctions as a team

unique ability

why plans fail

kanban and scrum

the only thing that matters


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