Book to Visual-One-Pager

Book to Visual-One-Pager

You put in a lot of time, money and effort into your book. People benefit from what you have educated them about. Once they flipped the last page… then what?

Knowing that your people will forget the many… what few things do you want them to remember and apply?

Be known as the author helping your readers remember and apply more of what you write.

“Todd delivered on all expectations… produced an awesome outcome.”

“I hired Todd to do a second visual-one-pager for my upcoming book, WINNING THE BRAIN GAME. I provided Todd with a written summary for the main points. Todd worked his artistic magic to bring that content to life in a fun and visually engaging and easy-to-remember way. It’s so good that I am going to use it to promote my book. Too, he delivered on all expectations using a collaborative and interactive approach that produced an awesome outcome.”

~ Matthew E. May, Winning The Brain Game

What, when and how

See my process to understand what you get, when you get it, how you get it. Get it?

Ways to use your visual-one-pager

My clients have used their VOPs in various ways:

  • As digital content to promote their book on their website
  • As a free lead magnet to grow their email list (lead generation)
  • To grow their social following (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • As a printed handout for attendees of their speaking engagements

Ready for your VOP?

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