how to stop being lazy and get more done

I’ve been a believer for a long while that the collective ‘we’ get caught up in the tasky-slash-shallow work of the day way too often (as I raise my guilty-e-hand).

Really, work places are often distraction factories, with interruptions, email and other urgent-vs-important stuff getting our attention.

When you gonna stop fragmenting your work… and do more of what you were built for?

Huh? Well then glance, gaze, gawk at the visual summary, then check out how @Ericbarker states it in his post.

I’m all over this guy, His site at (titled ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree”) is packed with fabulous, simple, non-mainstream life-hacks.

Hey thanks, Brandon Hendrickson (my new fellow-lean-entrepreneur-friend) for showing me Eric’s site!


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