developing a more flexible mind

There is-a-lot-of-chaos-out-there… wouldn’t you agree? Dumb question. My bad.

The (not-so) smartphone, the work emails, the tweet-mails, facebook notifications, e-subscriptions, work meetings, PTA meetings, the kids-in-trouble(again) meetings, the dang-blasted new iOS update with gobs more notifications and screens… holy-shit there’s a whole-helluva-lot-to-do-and-manage in life.

That’s why I enjoy reading posts at To:

  • Breathe
  • Slow-the-mo-down
  • Enjoy more of each day
  • Shred the “shoulds”
  • Be OK with yourself more
  • Be more present with your peeps

So then… another post by Leo Babauta, another visual summary by moi.

This time, for Developing a More Flexible Mind in these times of constant distractions.

Hang loose, baby.





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