how the best get better

I read this book years ago. Somewhat recently, re-read it to create the visual-one-pager.

One of the best business books ever.

It’s a short and easy read (27 pages). For each two facing pages, one whole concept. A riveting CD accompanying the book. 50 bucks. Totally worth it.

How The Best Get Better is about an evolving lifetime of six concepts and six strategies to acquire the capabilities and achieve the results of the very best entrepreneurs.

Each of the chapters get right at it. I think often of the first chapter, the ceiling of complexity, where individuals, communities, work places, governments, churches, and every other entity become infected with bureaucracy (and multiplied by technology), causing complexity and crisis.

Thus, a new state of simplicity and new goals are required to break through to learn, grow and achieve individual freedom. How often do you see and feel this in your work and life?

Take 4 minutes. Scan the visual summary. Get the gist.

Bossy, aren’t I?

download pdf  |  buy the book


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