the easy ritual that will make you happy

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Hugs, kisses and massages, oh my.

Are you addicted to your phone? Ah, actually, I already know the answer. But reaching for it 85 times a day? Surely, you (and I) have time to reach for a few hugs or kisses instead… right?

Read yet another piece by @bakadesuyo to learn the power of touch and how it can:

  • Improve relationships
  • Win you games
  • Live longer

Really? As always, backed-up with science.

Too, view the visual summary to remember the high points.

Meanwhile… let me e-kiss you, spack-dab-on-your-e-lips! 💋  Muuuaa!

Now go find someone to hug, kiss or touch today. You can still reach for your phone the other 80 times.


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