Intake Document to VOP – 4300 words

Intake to Visual-One-Pager – Up to 4300 Words

Visual-one-pagers (VOPs) are for more than just books. I created the VOP below for a consulting business, targeted to their Health and Human Services audience. They present this in workshops, training programs and other events to generate focused and specific conversations, to position themselves as an authority. This helps them attract more leads.

You got some work to do

My most popular service. It makes the most sense, too. You provide me with an intake document up to 4300 words. This ensures we’ll cover the high-points of your book, product, service, white paper… whatever it is you want to tell your people.

“Todd helped us quickly iterate towards a rad + elegant final product.”

“Our consulting firm hired Todd to create a visual one-page book summary for “Scarcity” , about how people and organizations react in environments of scarcity and abundance. We wanted to have a poster to use online and in person to communicate these ideas–and knew Todd could help us get there. Todd used a simple process–involving daily shared media, frequent, short check-ins, and shared online documentation–to help us VERY quickly iterate towards a rad + elegant final product.”

~ Brian Kerr, Koné Consulting

What, when and how

See my process to see how it all goes down. The timeline to complete your VOP (once I get your intake doc) is about 9 business days.

Why me?

“My number one skill is distilling information to tell a useful and coherent story. And by the way, I’ll make it look pretty damn cool.”

~ Todd Clarke (did I just quote myself? Yup.)

Ready to tell your story?

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