Intake Document to VOP

Intake to Visual-One-Pager – Up to 2100 Words

As mentioned here, visual-one-pagers (VOPs) are for than than just books. I have clients coming to me now to help explain their business, product or service, for their prospects to ‘get it’ faster and sooner. This of course generates more leads. More leads = mo-money in your bank account.

Optimized intake = optimized VOP

You want my most optimized option for creating your VOP? This is it. Create an intake document up to 2100 words and I’ll apply my wordsmith wizardry to create a textual-one-pager (TOP). We’ll review and refine together, then I’ll apply images and whitespace to make visual. “Yum. I love this stuff.” So will you. As others before you have. That sounds very “Star-Treky.”

“…an excellent outcome and …collaborative approach”

“I hired Todd to create a visual-one-page book summary for my upcoming book, The Simple Leader. Todd engaged me with his process to create a textual/notes version to identify the most important content for this visual-one-pager. Together we made changes, allowing me to actively participate and influence our work to visually represent my new book. Thanks, Todd for an excellent outcome and for your collaborative approach.”

~ Kevin Meyer, Gemba Academy


What, when and how

See my process for creating your visual-one-pager. The timeline to complete your VOP (once I get your intake doc) is about 7 business days.

Why me?

Aside from the right words and images, I’ll use my project management skills on ya to complete your project quickly, at a known cost and quality. We’ll have some chuckles, too.

Ready to tell your story?

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