15 leadership qualities you can rate and apply right now

Maybe this post is more for me… as reminder about what leadership really means… and how I can call on and develop these skills… at any time.

I developed this poster and this spreadsheet a few years back after an important personal development course about men’s leadership. I used the spreadsheet for several months, each night rating my leadership qualities.

Taking a few seconds, say 20, to do this exercise nightly allowed me to keep these qualities close to my psyche, effecting my daily behavior. I remember one time wanting to have a difficult talk with someone at work, but being meek about it. I knew I would rate myself low on the communicator and decisiveness scale that night if I did not initiate this talk. I motored back over to this person’s office. We talked. We made something good happen.


Hmmm… wonder why I stopped doing this. Time to rev ‘er back up, to ensure I am getting what I want out of life.

We all have the ability to inspire another to positive actions now… including ourselves.

Leadership can be that simple. A choice.


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