10 tips for a better LinkedIn profile

Is your LinkedIn profile a real yawner for viewers?

Are you stating things like: ‘highly-motivated”, “results-oriented”, “bottom-lined-focused”, and other such business-jargon-blah-blah-blah, making you sound like most everyone else, yet stating not-much-of-anything?


You don’t  t a l k  like that, do you (ah, do I)?  Then why write like that? 

No more.

I created this visual for David Petherick‘s excellent set of audio posts, 10 Tips for a Better Linkedin Profile.  David’s got loads of useful information for helping people develop their human-voice on LinkedIn.

I updated my LinkedIn profile based on some of them. Got more ground to cover soon, but…  do I at least sound human now?

One of his tips is to ask another for feedback. Write me if you have any, directly or anonymously.

Thanks in advance. Human.


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