how to be productive without being miserable

“Ah, man… not another web post on how-the-hell to be personally productive. They’re a dime-a-dozen and most of them have a giant overlap of suggestions.”

You done with your little self-whine-rant?

  • Start your day with the right mood-tude
  • Bring a challenge to noodle on in the shower
  • Write shit down to silence your inner voice
  • Bring the Michael Jackson out in all of us
  • Go all Genghis Khan on your task list
  • Make your ‘I-did-its’ explicit and visible
  • Console yourself as you would a friend
  • Befriend a body-double to improve your focus

There… does that sound like the usual-productivity-suspects? Didn’t think so.

I hope you enjoy the visual summary of Eric Barker’s tips, based on research, as well as, his full post here.

Guess I sound a bit cranky and will do better tomorrow morning… when I eat some chocolate-chip pancakes to start me off right.


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