How We Create Your Visual-One-Pager

Creating something important… together.


we talk

– How a visual-one-pager can help you
– Ways to use it
– Ways to promote it (to promote you)


we create

– Read your stuff
– Consolidate your stuff, to create a textual-one-pager
– Wordsmith the hell-out-of-it, to tell your story
– Apply images and whitespace to make it a visual-one-pager
– Share and show progress daily, to ‘nail it’


you get clear. very.

Watch your baby develop during the creation
of the textual-one-pager. Your story will unfold. Clearly. Concisely.

Just about always, an elevator pitch emerges,
for you to clearly state the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your story.


what you get

A visual-one-pager of words, images and whitespace
(between 500 and 600 words):

.jpg file for optimal screen resolution
.pdf file for printing (say, 18″ wide x 24″ high)

A tiered elevator pitch, succinctly stating the
‘what’, ‘why’, maybe even the ‘how’.
Use this to think and speak clearly.


when you get it


– Create the candidate text: a day
– Create the textual-one-pager: a couple days
– Create the visual-one-pager: 3 days

cool, huh?

gimmie some…

See an example, then…

Email me to discuss how I can help you get noticed.


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