remote: office not required

Sure, I’m big into Lean and Agile… but seem to be the rebel in my ideas about performing work remotely, when debating this topic with peers.

“People work best, together, in open spaces for serendipitous and pertinent discussions to occur”, say the many. Of course, there are pros and cons to colocated and remote work.


  • Why be limited to hiring people based on geography?
  • Why not allow people to work on a more flexible schedule?
  • Why satisfy a manager for butt-in-the-chair hours over value delivered?
  • Why be trusted at all if you cannot be trusted remotely?
  • Why commute in traffic?
  • Why be so distracted in our distraction-factories (offices)?

The technology is now ubiquitous for us to achieve more in our personal work setting of choice. Seems silly to ignore. Too, for you workers in the big companies, how often do you see people attending meetings, while remaining in their offices down the hall from the conference room? Plenty.

I’m a big believer of:

  • Show and share work often
  • Leave a paper trail, showing progress
  • Complete the most important work first
  • …to ensure I am completing versus just doing work

I created this visual-one-page book summary a few years back for Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I happened to look at it tonight… and it became this post.

People are flocking from their offices. Are you?

Consider this post a little e-nudge.

download pdf  |  buy the book


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