scaling lean

I want to become a successful entrepreneur. For myself. For my kids. I want them to learn:

  • How to be themselves, offering  t h a t  to the world
  • How to solve problems for and with people
  • How to be scientists, learning how to learn, running experiments to get rapid feedback for next steps
  • That stopping is not an option… change of direction, for sure, but “failures” are just data
  • How to focus on people, more than on the product or service they might be building (which will create a better product or service)

This seems like a better option than racing with stress through life: to get the grades, to get into the school, to get the (corporate) job, at the office, 9 to 5, that so many others are also racing for. Is that how one would design a life?

First, gotta learn how to do these things myself.

I enjoyed the snot out of my two-day workshop (no visuals for that please) with Ash Maurya educating us on Scaling Lean, his follow-up concepts and book from Running Lean. Here I come.

download full-size notes  |  buy Scaling Lean


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