5 Essentials Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

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Here’s a visual summary of a useful post by Robert Herjavec for selling anything to anyone. When I started reading this post, I thought, “hmmm, how simple. Maybe too simple.”


Hell, I’m building a business helping people explain their business, products and services with get-level clarity. There’s too much jargon, fluff and end-a-rounds out there in the web-o-sphere… people and businesses wanting to sound all-intellectual-like.

Glad I caught myself on second thoughts, to appreciate the simplicity of Robert’s tips on selling:

– Be the salesperson you’d buy from
– Listen more, talk less (guilty as charged)
– Be more other-ly focused
– Nobody cares about what you (and I) do
– Sound smart by keeping it gut-level simple
– Consider more carefully their experience when ‘selling’

If you need more simplicity-ammo, see a previous rant of mine about one’s writing attitude.

Meanwhile, we all have something to sell. Practice on your kids to get them to eat those damn veggies on their plate.

Please, do let me know how that one goes for you.


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