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Ready for a visual-one-pager (VOP) summarizing a book, event or to clearly describe your business, product or service?

Check out these fixed price packages for my best visual-summarization services. If you don’t find a package to meet your needs, email me to discuss a custom engagement. But first, see my process. I’ll tweak it a bit for the packages below, but you get the idea’r.

Book to VOP

I’ll read the book, word-craft the textual-one-pager (TOP), review and refine it with you, then apply images and whitespace to make it visual. You sit tight, I’ll do everything from start to finish (with input from you all along the way, of course).

Intake to VOP

My most popular options. Why? ‘Cause you supply an intake document which becomes the starting point for the textual-one-pager (TOP). This shortens the process, allowing you to broadly specify the high-points for your VOP. Your cost is determined based on the amount of words in the intake document. To summarize: 1) Takes less time. 2) You select the key-concepts.

VOP Vitals

Let me spill the rest of my e-guts for my VOP services. Click the links to learn more about each option.

Intake Resulting VOP Timeline Cost
Book ~ 600 words : 18″x24″ 3 Weeks $3175 Learn more
< 4300 words ~ 600 words : 18″x24″ 2 Weeks $1975 Learn more
< 2100 words ~ 600 words : 18″x24″ 1 Week + $1599 Learn more
< 600 words ~ 300 words : 9″x12″ 1 Week $899 *See below

*Post-Card Sized

Less time = less cost = same engaging visual results. I’ll do my wordsmith-and-visual thing to make it tidy, cute and just as engaging for your audience.

“Todd is one of the most creative people I’ve met.”

“His gift for distilling an author’s work into visual “soundbites” that help absorb, integrate, and retain content is unparalleled.”

~Karen Martin: Author of Value Stream Mapping

Let’s talk

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