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5 Essential Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

Listen. Adjust. Simplify. Then sell.

A post by a newbie to my visual summaries, @robertherjavec. Sure like his car, too.

How To Improve Your Writing: 7 Easy Expert Secrets

OohLaLa... tell a dirty joke when writing? I'm down with that.

As always, another great post by @bakadesuyo.

develop a more flexible mind

Tough times with all there is to do and manage in life. Hang loose, baby.

Another post by Leo Babauta. Another visual summary by moi.

how to be productive without being miserable

What... be productive and NOT miserable? Show me. Ok.

essential steps to making a killer portfolio

Some should (and should nots) to create an eye-catching portfolio.

Another useful post by @MattMcCueWriter.

the easy ritual that will make you happy

Hugs, kisses and massages, oh my.

Yet another great post by @bakadesuyo. I'm just here to visualize and summarize.

8 experiments in motivation

Vote For Trump! As a consequence, that is.

Read what I mean... by @zen_habits.

7 things to stop doing to be more productive

Some tips by one of my favs, @cammiphan, on things to STOP DOING... to be more productive.

career-propelling money advice for creatives

Hey you creatives out there (and me)... an inspiration to create and charge for what your worth.

Read the full-version by Matt McCue.

how to make good habits stick

Gobs of material out there to help us form good habits.

Here's some more... though backed by research, as always, by @bakedesuyo.

please god, can we stop talking about 'core values'?

The title says it all.

Though Liz Ryan says it even better. Duh.

style over everything

"Hey, the artist in you... your style or your money?" Have both.

See how once you glance at the visual and read the full post by Matt McCue.

manage your cash flow and balance sheet

A visual summary of part 2 of the series to 'think about money the right way', presented by Thom Allison.

why i stopped helping people and you should too

Another visual for a post by @cammiphan on that makes you go...'hmmmm.'

I like it.

4 rituals to become expert at anything

Don't be a practice zombie. Huh?

Check out the visual for yet anotha visual summary for a post by Eric Barker, this time on how to become expert at anything.


create your vision to manage your money

A visual summary of part 1 of an excellent series to 'think about money the right way', presented by Thom Allison.

opt out: a simplicity manifesto

Indeed... we have become so distracted.

See how (above), then read how, as stated by Leo Babauta.  Breathe.

how to negotiate salary: 5 secrets backed by science

Watch out clients-a-mine... I'm armed with some good ammo, now.

Things is, so can you, by reading @bakadesuyo's post and safe-keeping this visual for applying the principles.

7 things millennials look for at work

Oooh.... millennials will make up more than 50% of the workforce by 2020. Better get ready companies out there.

See the visual, read the post on CIO.COM by @sarahkwhite to prepare.

9 questions you can't answer when not visualizing your work

Yes you Kanban. And should.

Count thy reasons as stated by Jim Benson for this piece at moduscooperandi.

10 tips for a better LinkedIn profile

"Forget the resume... summary is key." Right up my summarize-this alley.

Your visual summary for @petherick's excellent post, 10 Tips for a Better Linkedin Profile.

want to raise entrepreneurial kids? mark zuckerberg's dad says do these things

Ah yeah, I want to raise my kids to at least  t h i n k  like entrepreneurs. Is this a trick question?

A visual for this post by @BillMurphyJr of his interview with Pappa Zuckerberg, on how he and momma Zuckerberg, raised their kids.

7 things I learned about lean startup

More than just another post as I continue to learn Lean.

View the visual. Read the post by @davidjbland... please and thank you.

5 things to remember when you're about to give up

Don't throw away what you've already learned. Try just one more time. OK?

Thanks, @JemyMustapha, for the motivation and insights to keep going.

how to get more energy

Want more energy? Of course.

Scan the visual. Read the post by Eric Barker

the bootstart manifesto

"Most products  s t i l l  fail." Then why start?

Need I say it.. check out the visual, then read @ashmaurya's bootstart manifesto. Or visa versa.

two simple words that will improve every meeting

So many years down the road we are in tech, biz, projects and more... yet we constantly forget about the basics.

Thanks @kiethferrin for the simple and creative reminder and approach for improving every meeting.

how to stop being lazy and get more done

"It just feels like there's not enough time." Quit fragmenting-off.

Pardon me for that, maybe you'll like the way @ericbarker states it better.

scaling lean

Wow... never knew what FERMI was till now. Google it. That's not very nice-a-me.

Meanwhile... scan the visual notes for a two-day Seattle workshop on Scaling Lean by Ash Maurya.

download pdf  | buy the book

i ♥ a girl who swears

Here's to potty-mouthed-girl-power... as posted by @cammiphan

6 ways to create an awesome 2016

I'm a believer in piling up the little stuff to make up the big stuff.

A visual for summarizing Leo Babauta's post to create an awesome 2016.

your background is amazing but your resume stinks

Having trouble finding your voice? Maybe you're working too hard to sound like everyone else.

I dig what Liz Ryan has to say about this.

happy new year 2016

Feelin' clear about my new biz. It's gonna be a good year.

you will always suck at what you do, until you do this

I say... "you suck". @Cammipham says we all suck. Oh my.

paying the smart phone tax

How much is your smart phone really costing you? Read more of what Seth Godin has to say about it.

giving less advice

I need to work on this myself. Maybe you, too? Read how on by @jasonfried.

want to create things that matter? be lazy.

Wanna play in the deep or shallow end? Up to you, but I like thinking of work as these two buckets. Read more at this post on by Cal Newport.

embrace your constraints

What's this business about embracing constraints? Read this post by @ashmaurya.

the power of visuals

Created this visual after finding this great visual about visuals. What the...

the human side of value stream mapping

Value stream mapping is a people process first. See @KarenMartinOpEx's post for more.

business fitness

Being fit isn't just for hard bodies. A visual for this post by @matthewemay about business fitness.

make work visible

More chalkboard action, this time for an upcoming presentation @leanstartupsea. Love Lean.

5 ways to increase your visibility

A chalkboard-looking sketchnote summary for the post, 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility, by @theshawnmurphy.

how to write a book in 45 days

A summary for a post written by @MatthewEMay.

home page ideas

More notes on ideas for my new home... for my new site

my new iPad Pro

Got me an iPadPro and created these notes... thinking about new offerings. I like writing it down.


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