the laws of subtraction

I’m always looking to relentlessly thin-down. For instance:

  • Writing emails less than six sentences long, to express points clearly
  • Working on one (maybe two) things at a time, to stay (un)whelmed
  • Writing concise and visual business documents, to have people read versus ignore them
  • Creating my biz summarizing the main points, to help people learn and remember things

In other words,  s u b t r a c t i n g:  tasks, projects, features, topics, slides, talking points, meetings, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages and more from our ever-and-always growing amount of information and activities, especially in this “age of excess everything, everywhere” (maybe I should have subtracted some-or-many words from this last paragraph? Naa.).

The Laws Of Subtraction by Matthew E. May is one-awesome-read for learning to:

  • Create simplicity and clarity
  • Make decisions exponentially easier
  • Create more enjoyable, expedient, efficient and meaningful experiences
  • Make more sense with less
  • Write and tell better stories
  • Better use the scarce commodity of…  o u r   a t t e n t i o n

…by actively choosing what to leave out.

I hope you enjoy the visual-one-page summary… as a teaser, or as a reference.

Anything going through your mind right now that you could subtract today?  

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