Textual-One-Pager. An Example.

Textual-One-Pager. An Example.

Below is a sample textual-one-pager (TOP) for the book, Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much. I received a 4321 word intake document from the client. Then lead the way to collaborate in creating this TOP of 558 words. This became the intake doc for the VOP. Intake > TOP > VOP.

Simple, huh?


Scarcity, the feeling of having too little:

  • Affects behaviors and choices
  • Leads to dissatisfaction and struggle
  • Is a mindset


When something important is scarce:

  • It ‘captures the mind’
  • Creating focus on what’s most pressing
  • To the exclusion of other things

1 Mindset

Often, our minds drift:

  • We get distracted
  • Procrastinate
  • Are not present with others

Scarcity captures us because:

  • It’s important
  • Worthy of focused attention, thus
  • Less prone to careless error

This mindset has consequences…

2 Focus

A mind works best when it’s almost too late. Whether:

  • Minutes left in a meeting
  • Days left on a coupon
  • Weeks left in college… deadlines looms large

The focus dividend: the positive outcome of scarcity, heightens productivity and helps us focus and achieve

3 Tunnel

Focusing on one thing… means neglecting another

Scarcity causes tunneling, to focus single-mindedly on managing scarcity, thus rendering one blind to the periphery.

Tunneling changes what comes to mind.

4 Neglect

Such single mindedness on pressing needs causes one to neglect other important things

Scarcity alters how we look at and choose things:

  • We’re more effective in the moment (focus dividend)
  • But neglect other things of value (tunneling)

5 Bandwidth

The experience of poverty reduces mental bandwidth:

  • With the poor, consumed by shortage of money
  • For the busy, shortage of time
  • For the lonely, shortage of friends

Often people are seen as unskilled or uncaring …but really, they don’t have the mental bandwidth

6 Slack

Slack is:

  • Created from abundance
  • Relieves the scarcity mindset
  • Frees us from making trade-offs

When packing a large suitcase, with plenty of room, you may simply add an item- slack

With a smaller suitcase, adding one thing might cause removing another- lack-of-slack

7 Borrow

  • When tunneling, you hurry and submit that report, as is, to your boss. You move on to other pressing matters.
  • Just before getting on a plane, your boss asks about that “missing reference”, and needs it “immediately”.
  • Your “borrowing” seemed attractive inside the tunnel… not so much now.

8 Juggle

  • Juggling- the constant move between pressing tasks, a consequence of tunneling.
  • Solving immediate problems, with short-term fixes:
  • For the busy, burdened and contorted schedules with piles of to-dos and double-bookings
  • For the poor, complicated financials, owing and are owed money from many, created by tunneling over months, years even
  • When juggling, balls suddenly drop

9 Action


  • Hospital operating rooms, fully booked, working at 100% capacity. Scheduled surgeries were difficult…‘emergencies’ too-surgeons waiting for hours to do two-hour procedures
  • Everyone, everything… overcommitted… creating ‘waste’


Hired an advisor, not having to tunnel on the hospital’s daily pressures. “Let’s leave one room unused”. WTF? “We need more, not less.”solution

Planned surgeries took up most of the time… making it difficult to schedule unplanned surgeries. The hospital was not too “poor” in operating rooms… but, scarcity existed in accommodating emergencies.

Singularly, emergencies are unanticipated…collectively, they can be anticipated.

So then… one room devoted to the unplanned, to proceed, unencumbered by surprises- creating slack.

Cool huh?

10 Abundance

In a world of scarcity, long deadlines cause trouble. Early abundance causes eventual scarcity.

Breaking a long deadline into chunks helps. Same with money.

Pay the farmer regularly, instead of just at harvest. Same with food stamp recipients.

To fight the abundance-then-scarcity cycle… even it out:

  • Creating long periods of moderation over…
  • Spurts of abundance followed by heightened periods of scarcity


We applied images and whitespace to create this VOP.

So there ya go.


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