a VOP for a VOP


I just completed this visual-one-pager… about a visual-one-pager, suggested by some friends to express why someone might consider a visual-one-pager (I promise not to say visual-one-pager again).

Since it was lying around… thought I would post it as a not-so-shameless-self-advertisement.

What the heck… this is what I do now. It started as hobby… turned it into a business.

I was inspired by that one scene in the movie,  “Up In The Air”, with George Clooney traveling all over the country to fire employees of companies… the scene where he fires JK Simmons… and states, “maybe this is the time you should start that business you’ve thought about for years?”.

So here I am.

And you… got any of these thoughts in your head? Just askin’.


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